This is not a fully-fleshed-out library/program in any sense of the word,
but I figured I'd post it to save others the startup cost if they wanted to
do anything more with a Trimble unit.

This program prints out information from the Primary and Secondary timing
packets emitted by Trimble Thunderbolt GPS time receivers, which is all I
needed to do. Extensions welcome - it's mostly a matter of typing in the
packet spec from the manual, and then defining a handler that does whatever
you want with the decoded data.

The part that may be useful to others is the framework - it makes it easy
to define the packet formats and dispatch to them - or maybe to the one
other time-obsessed geek who wants to see what their timing unit is doing
without having a windows box around to run Trimble's software. But
otherwise, this is very bare-bones stuff that does the exact minimum I
needed for other reasons. Happy to add a few features upon request while
I've got my head in the code.

The current version connects to a socket (because I'm using a terminal
server for my GPS) and reads the serial output from there. It parses the
message packets out of the stream and invokes a handler based upon the
indicated message type. It's fairly straightforward to have it open the
device on a local machine, but it doesn't do that yet.

It does not have support for _sending_ packets, but doing so is also not
that hard. encoding/binary BigEndian to the rescue. :-)


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