In that case, I am not so sure that Go is the right choice for you.
There are a few graphics options like OpenGL bindings (
https://github.com/go-gl) and others,
but they are all very immature and often incomplete.

Python may be a better option, as it has a lot more libraries available for
graphics programming.
On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 2:15:28 AM UTC+2, Andrzej Wysocki wrote:

for producing 3d graphics.
i have no examples, i am beginner programmer artist.

W dniu poniedziałek, 14 października 2013 13:36:43 UTC+2 użytkownik egon
What do you mean by "artistic library" (some examples of them would be

There are packages for producing images/gifs and opengl bindings, but I
haven't seen anything like Processing or Cinder.

+ egon

On Monday, October 14, 2013 2:04:34 PM UTC+3, Andrzej Wysocki wrote:

is there (planned or realized) such?

Andrzej 'Neo' Wysocki
* Dragonfly Algorithm (IT Blog) :
* deviantART: http://neo-mahakala-108.deviantart.com/

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