<https://github.com/rcrowley/go-tigertonic> is a Go framework for
building JSON web services inspired by Dropwizard [1].

It includes a lot of batteries but all of them reduce to http.Handler
implementations that can be composed however you like. In no
particular order:

tigertonic.TrieServeMux: method- and wildcard-aware routing
tigertonic.Marshaled: strongly-typed JSON request and response objects
tigertonic.First and tigertonic.If: conditional handling
tigertonic.HTTPBasicAuth: unsurprisingly, HTTP Basic auth
tigertonic.CORS{Builder,Handler}: CORS headers
tigertonic.Configure: JSON configuration files
tigertonic.WithContext and tigertonic.Context: strongly-typed
per-request context
tigertonic.Logged and tigertonic.ApacheLogged: logging
tigertonic.Counted and tigertonic.Timed: integration with go-metrics [2]

I gave a talk about Go web services, the motivations for Tiger Tonic,
and Tiger Tonic itself at Strange Loop last month [3] and there's a
pretty complete example [4] of how it looks in practice.

We've had good experiences with this so far at Betable. I hope lots
of web service builders out there find this framework or some part of
it useful.


[1] <http://dropwizard.codahale.com>
[2] <https://github.com/rcrowley/go-metrics>
[3] <http://rcrowley.org/talks/strange-loop-2013.html>
[4] <https://github.com/rcrowley/go-tigertonic/blob/master/example/example.go>

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