On 19/08/13 13:38, Niko Schwarz wrote:
I've had a snippet of code that polls a local server very frequently,
and I'm somewhat surprised in how many ways it's failing. I've tried to
simplify it, and the following sadly isn't as diverse in its error
messages. [snip]
It produces three error messages on OSX:

panic: Get http://localhost:7000: dial tcp
connection reset by peer

panic: Get http://localhost:7000: lookup localhost: no such host

panic: Get http://localhost:7000: dial tcp too many
open files

The last of which actually makes sense, and can be avoided by `ulimit -n

The first might also make sense if I'm just overloading the server.
However, the server doesn't give any log output indicating this. The
middle one just seems nuts to me.
I suspect it is a consequence of running out of sockets. Quite likely a
name lookup needs a socket (don't know exactly how OS X works though!).

Nick Craig-Wood <[email protected]> -- http://www.craig-wood.com/nick

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