If someone has brought this up before, I apologize, but I've not noticed it.

Wouldn't it be kind of useful to have a repo for pep like suggestions for
(for anyone unfamiliar, http://www.python.org/dev/peps/)

Things like error handling, generics, etc. come up again and again, and it
becomes impossible to have any serious discussion about it, because
everyone chimes in with their own ideas or thoughts, which are usually
*irrelevant* to the specific suggestion in question.

Tangibly this would be trivial to setup:

1) Create a new repository

2) Demand that any serious suggestion to change the language go in as a
pull request formatted in a prescribed manner.

3) Merge pull requests that get a lot of attention so there's a record of
what was suggested, and why it was considered / discarded / whatever.

I think it'd be extremely useful to have an easily accessible set of
suggestions and discussions on the merits of certain changes to the

It might help curb the number of threads about things by having an easy way
of pointing new threads at other identical suggestions.

...Also, perhaps there's something to be said for being able to see what
sorts of *specific suggestions* people actually like. I remember reading
something hm... I can't remember the exact place, but one of the go
developers said something like; for all the talk about generics on the
mailing list, no one has ever actually come up to and asked about it'. I
wonder how many people actually have a meaningful problem that could be
solved by generics? (but currently, there really no way of knowing).

(...and I realize if you want something changed --> become a developer and
contribute your changes, and I certainly don't endorse the suggestion that
the go developers should find themselves accountable to 'popular' language
suggestions, but I've seen a couple of examples recently where the
contributions of non-core developers haven't really been dealt with. That
shared library thing was pretty disappointing to me. The development
process seems rather autocratic at the moment; it might be nice to actually
be able to quantitatively say that development is addressing community
concerns I suppose).


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