On Tuesday, 9 July 2013 17:08:18 UTC-4, [email protected] wrote:
I want to be able to normalize the data in a map[string]interface{}.

So if I have a type

type A string

I want to be able to convert an instance of A in a map to a string.

So if I have something like m := map[string]interface{}{"a" : A("string

I want to be able to convert it to map[string]interface{}{"a" : "string

m := map[string]interface{}{"a" : A("string field")}
m2 := make(map[string]interface{}{"a" : "string field"})
for k, v := range m {
     m2[k] = string(v)

However, I do not want to use something like fmt.Sprintf("%v", m["a"]),
because I don't want ints or the like converted to strings.

Using reflection I'm able to go through and change each field, but since
the map is map[string]*interface{}*, I can't get the type of m["a"]
(reflect.TypeOf(m["a"]) and reflect.TypeOf(m["a"]).Kind() ==
reflect.Interface ).

Does anyone know how to check if an interface field is either a string or
any kind of (type X string) ?
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