Hi all,

I'm busy with a project that requires a map accessed by multiple
go-routines. Since maps aren't thread-safe, I implement my own locks.

I've come up with 3 variations:

1. A goroutine handles the map, with a _get_ and a _set_ channel.

2. A goroutine handles the map with a single channel, then type-checks to
decide whether the request is a _get_ or a _set_.

3. Use _sync.RWLock_ to coordinate map access. No goroutines.

I've implemented all three, along with some performance testing:


Here's the thing: using sync is about twice as fast as using a goroutine.
An example output:

         In parallel on 8 CPUs with 10 goroutines
         GoMap: 3.289649085s
         GoMap1Chan: 2.911694845s
         SyncMap: 1.393160905s

So my questions:

1. Can anyone see any obvious problems with my code? Have I made a mistake?

2. Is there a better way?

3. If there's no better way, is this just a situation where goroutines are
not the best solution?

All the best,

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