I've tagged goncurses first release. All the core functionality should be
implemented. Development has been slow as this is very much a side project
for me and I haven't been able to work on it near as much as I'd like.

The most significant changes include fixed mouse support (it should work
now/again) and a dependency on pkg-config (should fix linking issues on a
few platforms).

As fair warning, I do have some planned, breaking API changes in the near
future. The most glaring change is making the Print function to be a family
of functions like in the Go standard library. Currently, Print actually has
the signature of Printf and will be renamed. A new Print function will be
added in it's place and will have a signature like fmt.Print. An easy
sed/regex to replace Print statements with Printf should prove a simple
solution to fix any existing code.

If there is any missing functionality you would like to see implemented,
please let me know. I implement features as I need them but my needs are
likely much more limited than someone who would want to use ncurses to it's
fullest. Patches/pull requests are definitely welcome.

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