Speaking personally, until such time MIR has broad adoption amongst most
distributions I certainly wouldn't dedicate any time to it. Are the Ubuntu
folks concentrating on Qt/QML? Last I saw, and I admit it's been a while,
they've been focusing on Unity which is still, as far as I know, a GTK+ 3
based UI.

I agree with Andrea that go-uik is probably the best long term solution.
Another, better long term solution is a unified Go front end which acts as
an intermediary for other, native toolkits. Meaning, the go GUI interface
would call Cocoa, WinAPI, GTK+, or whatever toolkit the user has installed
depending on the platform but the common API would be identical across all
platforms. The problem, of course, is that each toolkit behaves very
differently and have different available functionality. This would be
another difficult solution.
On Wednesday, 5 June 2013 17:31:43 UTC-7, Mandolyte wrote:

The Ubuntu folks are focused on MIR and mostly Qt/QML... any thoughts on
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