On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 4:54 PM, Naitik Shah wrote:
I've been working on a http.Transport that provides this too:
https://github.com/daaku/go.httpcontrol. The timeout approach is based
on https://github.com/mreiferson/go-httpclient/tree/go11_11. The
advantage compared to your approach is that it uses one goroutine per
client rather than one per connection, though it obviously needs locks
to sync which your approach doesn't need.
Wow, your implementation certainly has a lot more functionality!

Yes, I had thought about using a queue of some sort to handle the
timeouts. I decided to try to keep it simple for now because I'm not
envisioning my applications making so many long-standing requests that
the number of outstanding goroutines would be problematic. But that
may turn out to be wishful thinking on my part, I shall have to
see. :)


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