Good catch on the re-slicing! Thanks!

I'll take another look at that section of code. What I was hoping to do was
avoid any type of explicit locking if I could, to use channels as a locking
mechanism instead. I may need to take another peek at Amir's example and
his talk again to see what I missed.
On Wednesday, 29 May 2013 13:53:36 UTC-7, Rob Thornton wrote:

After watching Amir's excellent Google IO talk I decided I wanted to
create a more novice, or at worst intermediate, approach. I've been working
on trying to create a simple, somewhat newbie friendly example of a
client/server. However, since concurrency is not a strong suit, and I'm
still a newbie myself, I'm hoping to get some feedback and suggested
improvements on them. They are working as intended but I worry that some
improvements will need to be made to ensure they are fairly robust and have
no resource leaks.

The goal was to develop a system which was as bare-bones as possible while
still demonstrating the power of Go and it's concurrency model. I tried
very hard to not have any distractions of message marshaling or a UI of any
kind. Just a proof of concept of a very, very simple client-server

The code can be found here: https://github.com/rthornton128/schat

I thank anyone in advance who does me the honor of taking a look and maybe
providing some feedback for me. I'd really appreciate it.
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