In this sample code, I forced client to sleep 3 seconds then write data to
And in server side, it read and wait 1 second at most.

I think the server side have already closed the socket.
But, why client side still write to socket without any error code returned?

code: http://play.golang.org/p/bujqJsivON

2013/05/07 15:05:05.554646 srv.go:74: cli sleep 3 seconds
2013/05/07 15:05:06.555119 srv.go:58: Err: srv read read tcp i/o timeout
2013/05/07 15:05:06.555199 srv.go:50: srv close conn
2013/05/07 15:05:06.557232 srv.go:41: srv close listener
2013/05/07 15:05:08.555172 srv.go:76: cli will write
2013/05/07 15:05:08.555407 srv.go:82: cli wrote 9 bytes
2013/05/07 15:05:08.555428 srv.go:71: cli close sock

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