I asked this on stack overflow and got this answer:

// Shortcut to get the path to the current executable
func ExecPath() string {
var here = os.Args[0]
Log("Raw path: %s", here)
here, err := filepath.Abs(here)
Log("Abs path: %s", here)
if err != nil {
Log("ExecPath: Weird path: %s\n", err)
here = path.Dir(here)
Log("Exec path: %s", here)
return here

However, this fails and returns '.' on windows. Looking into it, it's
because Args[0] is in c:\fsdf\sdfdsf\sdf format, which filepath.Abs() and
path.Dir() don't seem to parse.

ie. Output on windows:
Raw path: c:\projects\go\worker\worker.exe
Abs path: c:\projects\go\worker\worker.exe
Exec path: .

Is this a bug in filepath.Abs() ? Surely abs should either error or produce
output which is correctly formatted? (ie. C:/project/go/worker/worker.exe)


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