On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 1:49 AM, simon place wrote:
wont the ASIC's need something networky/parallel to keep them fed?
no. one stratum work represents ~2^64 hashes, so even controller written in Lua
can keep those ASIC miner fed (of course, this depends on having fast
SHA256 core
in either C or in hardware for the merkle tree root calculation)
before a new work is
pushed by the server.

Also, currently, Go binary is too big to fit on those 4MB flash of
TL-WR703N that control
the ASIC miners (besides there is no MIPS port for the gc toolchain),
even compressed.

As others have said, Go will certainly shine in the pooling and trade
backend software

PS: Go is also not suitable for scrypt (LiteCoin) mining as you will
need to use at least
ATI GPU to be profitable.

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