Oh please, you're splitting hairs.

The point is: The database drivers aren't at the same level as in other web
frameworks. There's no orm.

You don't have to use them, no, but many, many people do use them, and not
having that option makes go suck as a target for web apps *for many people*.

Not for everyone, and not for every web app, no. ...but it *is* a problem
for people, *obviously*.

I'm all for a sub-repo with database drivers in it, even if they're only
stable versions that periodically get merged off of github or whatever.
Would really help settle things down and let people have a central point
for accessing db drivers.

On Tuesday, March 12, 2013 10:22:30 AM UTC+8, Jeff Mitchell wrote:

Dougx wrote:
I don't think that's a fair thing to say at all.

They specifically said in the article that they like go, but it's not an
immature database layer for web dev.

Writing a web service in go is pretty simple, and nice.

...but a complex website?
With an MVC stack? And a common consistent cross database backend solution?
Nothing like that exists.
You fall into the same trap as the article. An MVC stack is not a
requirement for a "web application", which is the term they used (as
opposed to a new requirement you introduced, a "complex website"), any
more than a SQL layer is a requirement.

I have a web application that communicates with and is provided data via
both HTTP calls to a RESTful interface and JSON over WebSockets, uses
MongoDB and Redis for storage, ZMQ on the backend to communicate with
other components, and is written entirely in Go. It is stable, fast, and
in production.

This does not mean that Go is ready for all web applications, only that
it was ready for my web application. Likewise, the fact that they wanted
a SQL layer without the bugs/behavior they found and had specific
logging requirements does not mean that Go is not ready for all web
applications, and the fact that you want an MVC stack for your web
application does not mean that Go is not ready for all web applications.

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