On Monday, February 4, 2013 6:14:19 PM UTC-6, Celso Miranda wrote:
Do you mean a program like:

func main {
var string = "ÃãêÊ"

The problem is really in the input part I think. Since printing a string
with those characters doesn't reproduce this.
This does appear to be an issue with the input. Use the posted program in
addition to the following steps will allow you to reproduce it:

1) Launch cmd
2) Enter chcp 65001 (This selects the UTF-8 code page)
3) Change the font to Lucida Console for the cmd window by right clicking
the title bar and selecting properties->font (Need to pick a font with
glyphs for non-latin chars)
4) Run the program
5) Copy and paste ã into the input (assuming you are unable to enter the
character directly)
6) Observe the program sees it as a premature EOF

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