On Thursday, January 31, 2013 8:48:31 AM UTC-6, Gustav Paul wrote:

I found that using value-type named return variables in an outer function
incurs a performance penalty even if it does nothing with those variables
and only calls the inner function.

The benchmark code is here: http://play.golang.org/p/-Dp4oeHd3k

# go test -bench=Outer nrv
BenchmarkSlowOuter 50000000 38.6 ns/op
BenchmarkFastOuter 50000000 27.7 ns/op

// disabled inlining
# GCFLAGS="-l" go test -bench=Outer nrv
BenchmarkSlowOuter 50000000 39.0 ns/op
BenchmarkFastOuter 50000000 28.0 ns/op

// disabled inlining and 'optimizations'
# GCFLAGS="-l -N" go test -bench=Outer nrv
BenchmarkSlowOuter 50000000 39.0 ns/op
BenchmarkFastOuter 100000000 28.0 ns/op

My guess is that we instantiate the value struct, even though it isn't
touched in the outer function.
Did you check the assembly?

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