Hi all, I have a go process with a really strange (interesting?) CPU usage
issue. Over the course of about 24 hours, the CPU usage increases from
very low (what I would expect) to 100% of CPU, for no apparent reason.

This process keeps a set of IMAP connections open to send a notification
when a message comes in, and right now it's handling maybe 20 accounts, so
it's got something like 20 persistent connections open and then performs an
HTTP request anytime it sees a new message. So, it should be sitting idle
waiting on network data to come in some very high percentage of the time
and then making a call using the built in http client on an occasional

So, I'd expect CPU usage to be very low until some messages come in and
then spike, but instead I see this slow, steady CPU usage increase over
time. I would feel like that is the result of some data structure somewhere
getting steadily larger, but the memory usage stays very steady around
15MB, so that doesn't seem to be happening, and I don't see anything
obvious growing when looking at a heap profile.

Ordinarily, here's where I'd expect doing a CPU profile to be quite useful,
but I'm seeing some really strange results. I've set up a goroutine to do a
3 minute profile and then sleep for 5 minutes continuously, so I can look
at the results over time. The first profile looks good and makes sense, but
the issue hasn't shown up yet. All subsequent profiles seem valid in in the
pprof tool, but always contain less than 10 samples, which is obviously not
right for a 3 minute profile. Those samples don't really give me any info
to go on.

So, does anybody have any suggestions about what could be causing this or
how I might track it down? A heap profile doesn't show any large data
structures, a goroutine sample doesn't a large number of goroutines piled
up (and the memory usage would show that), and a CPU profile isn't showing
me anything. I'm kind of stuck.


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