On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Celso Miranda wrote:

I've been trying to solve this issue I've been having with the windows
console messing up user inputs.

I've created a small app to test this. The app uses fmt.Scanln(&input) to
get the user input and then fmt.Println(input) to return the inputed value.

First, I've noticed that special characters such as áéíàèìç, end up
showing wierd symbols. Then I changed to chcp 65001 and those characters
simply do not print.

If I do, for instance, mkdir Poisé, a "Poisé" dir is created. But if I try
to create it through another Go program I use for tests, it creates a dir
"Pois?" ( The ? is a symbol inside a square, not really a question mark)

I'm using windows 8 and the latest go release.
the Go 1.0.3 release doesn't correctly handle non-ASCII character from/to
I expect that if you try the problem should be fixed by the latest
development version,
however, you will have to install from source by yourself.

just follow golang.org/doc/install/source and add a "hg up default" step
after the
"hg clone" step.

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