On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 12:38 AM, EduRam wrote:

I have been following for some time "golang-dev" mailling list.
I see references to "Code Review" pages related with golang issues.
Those pages are stored on a web app *Rietveld* Code Review Tool,
located on https://codereview.appspot.com/.
That's where code review takes place (it's basically a web tool that you
can write
line-by-line comment about a proposed change (CL)).
On this *Rietveld, *I only want to see golang related issues.
But when I click on upper left "Open Issues" link, I have a list of all
other projects Issues.
I try the "Search" link but it always complain of some error on the web

Is there someone that use that tool to follow golang-dev ?
What can I do?
I'd just read mails with interesting titles from golang-dev. ;-)

I think Rietveld is a bit weird as it seems that only the code review
system is working properly....
the last time i tried to search for a issue on that system, i got (and
still get)
Sorry, an error occurred...
Unhandled exception.
Details: no matching index found. The suggested index for this query is:
- kind: Issue properties: - name: base - name: closed - name: private -
name: modified direction: desc [NeedIndexError]

however, if you want to follow Go development on rietveld, you can follow
this page:


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