On 01/03/2013 10:19 AM, thstart@gmail.com wrote:
I am using Go as a web server. Tested for a month
under Windows Server 2008 Virtual Machine but it runs for a day
and then stops with a message: "The specified network name
is no longer available".

There are other consideration to not use Windows Server too.

This leads to decision to use Linux. What Linux distribution
is recommended for Golang web server?
I can't really speak for others, but my two defaults for a Linux server
are CentOS and Ubuntu Server. It really depends on what you're
comfortable with maintaining.

As a sort of general notes (and should be obvious), have a development
server with the full Go stack to build and test the application and an
identical server with the bare minimum packages & locked down to run the
resultant binary. Another common techniques are having a server running
something like nginx to proxy requests to your server(s)/app(s).


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