By Go 1 is locked down, do you mean Go 1.0 or Go 1.x? As I understand it
the Go language specification explicitly says that int is at least 32 bit
so in theory making it int64 on x86_64 isn't an issue?!
Nice to see that there is already a patch, I always saw this one of the
biggest mistakes of Java that they have so many things in their language
that are absolutely unchangeable and yet totally wrong. Though it's much
easier for Go because there is no strictly defined byte code and we already
got uintXXs, structs and a sane type system in general.
On Friday, August 31, 2012 1:28:18 AM UTC+2, Rob Pike wrote:

Can't change now. Go 1 is locked down, and besides I still think it's
right because of the type issue. No one wants to have to write uint
declarations everywhere.


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