Okay so looking over the other threads, they don't seem like what I want.

1. There are NO good examples in the Go tour or on the front page of a
Google search about what the right way to do error handling in Go. I
think you would get a lot less upset people. Go has a new better way of
error handling? Great, show it to me. I don't want to read through old
threads, I want to see the examples.

2. I am now having to consider writing my own error wrappers around Go's
error type. Kortshak's biogo error type looks like more of what I would
like to see in Go. I need to do explicit error handling in Go? That's
fine, give me good tools to do explicit error handling.

Error handling being explicit in Go I think is a good thing. Its different
enough from the way that a lot of your target audience does things that I
think you need to be more helpful in easing that transition. I think issue
2 from above would be largely solved by fixing issue 1.

On Thursday, October 11, 2012 5:33:04 PM UTC-7, Andrew Gerrand wrote:

Before continuing yet another thread on error handling, I urge you to
read the threads I linked to. Then you should continue only if you
have something to add that has not been discussed already.


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