On Wed, 19 Sep 2012 20:21:52 +0300 Meir Goldenberg wrote:

When I programmed in C using Emacs, all of the identifiers that I defined
were auto-completed. Is there a good reason why the same should not be the
case with Go? For example, if I have just declared a local variable, why
shouldn't it be auto-completed when I want to use it later in the same
Emacs plugin perhaps restricts autocompletion on members only. For
auto-complete-mode there is a "prefix" definition in the ac-source
implementation. I define it to a '.' symbol.

You're free to make a better emacs plugin for gocode, gocode itself
supports local scope autocompletion as DisposaBoy noted. I'm not really
interested in quality of the plugins which bundled with gocode itself.
They do the job for me and perhaps for some other people. But
maintaining them - yuck (I'm also slowly moving away from emacs and
vim towards my own text editor).

Sincerely yours, the gocode author.


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