On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 12:32 AM, Maximo Cuadros wrote:
- None of the functionally on `cmd/go` [2] is exposed
Well, yes, it's a command, not a library, so it hasn't been written to
be extensible.

I'm not very familiar with how cmd/go works, but it's not obvious to
me what some of your improvements are. For example, you mention
"generating a unique `main.go` generated file, and compiling a unique
binary". How is this different from what "go test" does? Similarly,
you talk about nested tests. Do you mean the "..." in something like
"go test net/..."? Again, what's the difference in approach between
your PoC and cmd/go?

It may be that some of your observations are simply bugs in cmd/go,
and the best response could be the easier approach of patching cmd/go
instead of the harder approach of refactoring a library out of cmd/go.
Again, I'm not very familiar with cmd/go internals. If you provide
more specific proposals, or more details on what you said earlier,
perhaps somebody else with more knowledge could provide specific

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