Here's an example workflow: I work on the golang.org/x/exp/shiny code,
which includes a number of libraries and a number of examples. There
is no single one library package that depends on all of the others:
the shiny/driver/... packages are independent of the shiny/widget
package, even though both of them depend on common types defined in

When I switch between computers, I like to "git codereview sync" and
then re-install all of the libraries, so that building binaries
doesn't also have to build libraries every time. So that's a simple
"go install golang.org/x/exp/shiny/...", or easier is "go install
./..." as I'm usually already in the shiny directory.

I don't really want to *install* the example binaries, though. That
has more consequence, since it affects what's in my $PATH, and I don't
really need to otherwise run those example programs the way I want
benchcmp or goimports to be in my $PATH. Also, my $GOPATH/bin
directory isn't namespaced: foo/example/basic and bar/example/basic
will overwrite each other when installed.

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