On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 11:48 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
Since you have Go code that can be used instead of the asm code, the
simple fix is to use build tags so that the Go code is used when the
`gccgo` build tag is used.
I added gc and !gc build tags, instead of gccgo and !gccgo.

IIRC there is the possibility of the gc compiler changing its calling
convention in the distant future (e.g. pass some args in registers
instead of the stack). If so, we might need separate build tags (and
separate .s files, at least during transition) for the old and new
calling conventions. It may make sense then to have a build tag
convention for asm-syntax and/or calling convention, not just the gc
vs gccgo compiler, but that's probably another conversation for
another time.

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