On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 1:54 AM, wrote:
Even if you are now resetting every 64KB, that still means that the "s
+= 1 + ((s - lit) >> 4)" skipping can be very aggressive within each
64KB block. Specifically, it is exponential instead of quadratic (see,
for example, the table after "It prints" on the golang/snappy commit
linked to immediately above), which I think is too aggressive.
I have some "mixed content" data, a typical backup set and a virtual disk
image. I do not see any significant compression loss from the aggressive
skipping. IMO the risk is small, since only up to 64KB will be affected. In
my optinion that is a reasonable trade for level 1-3, where 2&3 are set less
We're repeating ourselves, but IMO the risk is non-zero, and the
existing snappy algorithm is plenty fast enough.

I asked the snappy-compression mailing list (where the C++ snappy code
is discussed) for their thoughts. I'll crunch some C++ numbers
tomorrow (it's getting late here in Sydney):


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