On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 6:46 PM, Bryan Matsuo wrote:
It seems to me that two non-trivial graphics-specific functions in f32,
Mat4.Perspective() and Mat4.LookAt(), were implemented expecting
column-major order (possibly from a corresponding implementation in C or
some literature?).
IIRC, crawshaw wrote those Go functions. Perhaps he can remember their
providence. I have a vague memory that some example (3-D viewer??)
program used it in the past, but I can't remember the details.

Still, I'd rather just have the one consistent order everywhere, if possible.

Furthermore, because of these two functions Perspective and LookAt can the
package really be fully deprecated?
Note that the "exp" in "x/mobile/exp/f32" stands for experimental. Its
API is far from set in stone.

You seem to be discussing these functions specifically; and you are saying
that image/math/f32 is not their home.
I'm open to being convinced otherwise, but my instinct is that
x/image/math/f32 is not their home. It is easier to add API later than
remove it, so I'd rather err on the side of too little API for now.
Matrix multiplication seems common enough, across a variety of
applications, to warrant being inside the x/image/math/f32 package.
The case for dedicated Perspective or LookAt methods is less obvious.

If some 3-D graphics package, or program, wants to be able to set up a
camera via LookAt, it seems plausible to have that function live
inside that package, or in package main. It's not like a f32.Mat4 has
non-exported state that only in-package code can access. If its code
must be shared, it could live inside some f32util package, rather than
having to be inside x/image/math/f32 per se.

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