I wrote x/mobile/exp/f32 early on to support a 3D spinning gopher
example android app. (I've mostly brought it back as a shiny example
app, but #6853 is eating all my time. In that app, I've copied the
relevant parts of f32 into it as unexported functions.)

There were several discussions with the go-gl folks about how we could
work together, and x/image/math/f32 came out of that. It was very hard
to find a common set of image math routines that worked for everyone,
but we could agree on the types, so that's where that came from. The
long-term plan was, and I believe still is, that we add any logic that
is widely applicable to x/image/math/f32.

Since then, x/mobile/exp/f32 has been on a list of packages for me to
eventually delete or fold into other work. A lot more effort has gone
into github.com/go-gl/mathgl, so I suggest starting there.
On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 8:42 AM, Bryan Matsuo wrote:
Looking at the set of packages specified in that proposal doc, I don't think
the choice of a package to vendor is terribly complex.


The two above are the same (one was merged into the other). And it is even
using x/image/math/f32 already.

azul3d.org/lmath.v1 -- This package is in a repository called azul3d-legacy
and doesn't seem like it is maintained.

github.com/ungerik/go3d -- This one could work.

github.com/skelterjohn/geom -- This one is using float64 and also looks
potentially unmaintained.

github.com/spate/vectormath -- The API and struct definitions on this one
don't look right. Also potentially unmaintained.

So really I think the choice is between two libraries and one is using the
unified types...

But if crawshaw is the man in the know then, yes, let's wait to hear what
his input is.
On Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 5:18:25 AM UTC-7, Nigel Tao wrote:

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 10:49 PM, Bryan Matsuo <bryan....@gmail.com>
That seems like a valid reason to avoid an internal package. But I would
still question why not vendor a third-party package?
Again, crawshaw is probably the best person to answer that, as IIRC he
wrote the original x/mobile f32 package, but
https://golang.org/cl/141440043 dates from September 2014, before
vendoring landed (experimentally) in Go 1.5 (August 2015), let alone
having to decide exactly which third party package to vendor.
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