Hi, thanks for the thoughtful suggestions.
On 5 February 2016 at 14:40, mura wrote:

In summary, I suggest more intimate integration with Github (that is,
properly utilizing its functionalities like pull request)
We would not switch to using GitHub's Pull Requests any time. The Go
contributors spend a huge amount of time reviewing code, and the PRs
workflow is woefully inadequate compared to Gerrit. We're not the only ones
who think so, and GitHub are aware of the issues.

FWIW, I think our priorities are set correctly. It should be much easier to
file an issue than to send a change. Issues should be filed by literally
anyone who encounters an issue, while changes to the code base should be
carefully prepared by people who are invested in the project.

and leveraging resources like drone.io and coveralls.io for QA like other
large Go projects do, instead of just heavily relying on code review.
We do have a comprehensive continuous build system
<http://build.golang.org/> that is integrated with our code review process.


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