In case anyone was following the issue, this was closed because
(though the docs say you don't have to use the tool), I was told you
can't contribute unless you use the go-codereview tool. I have a thing
about downloading and learning new and custom source control tools
(codereview, Android's repo, etc.) when I feel that normal Git and
Gerrit and other existing tools do just fine (it's silly of me, and
not worth discussing here, feel free to ping me OOB if you're
curious), so the issue was closed.

I'd still like to see this in golang.org/x/text, and have continued to
work on the package. If anyone who's already familiar with this tool
would like to push it to Gerrit periodically (effectively "sponsoring"
the package), I'm happy to keep working on it. Otherwise I'm going to
move it back to being a stand-alone package.

Let me know.


P.S. Alternatively, if the poster on the issue was wrong and there's a
way to contribute w/o using go-codereview, I'm happy to do that
manually; the docs seem to suggest that it's just a convenience
wrapper and that I could submit to Gerrit manually, but I couldn't
find a way to do so. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate a quick rundown.

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