Any initial feedback on the impact on compile-time? 1.5 regressed already
quite a bit, so I was wondering if SSA is going to help.
On Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 4:56:14 AM UTC+2, Keith Randall wrote:

SSA is now able to compile 65% of the functions in make.bash.
Gcbits are being generated, so stack copying is working.
We still have to generate write barriers, so we have to run with GOGC=off
for now. Hopefully that will get fixed this coming week.
All the stdlib tests except the ones defeated by GOGC=off are working
(using the 65% SSA-compiled code and 35% old-compiler code).

Top unimplemented things:

1910 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr SLICEARR
1711 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr CALLINTER
1441 SSA unimplemented: unhandled stmt RETJMP
1342 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr EFACE
1099 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr SLICE
951 SSA unimplemented: not lowered: Load STRUCT PTR64 mem
601 SSA unimplemented: local variable with class PAUTO,heap unimplemented
504 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr APPEND
479 SSA unimplemented: not lowered: IMake INTER PTR64 PTR64
476 SSA unimplemented: local variable with class PFUNC unimplemented
394 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr CLOSUREVAR
382 SSA unimplemented: unhandled stmt AS2DOTTYPE
241 SSA unimplemented: defer/go of CALLMETH
228 SSA unimplemented: not lowered: StringMake STRING PTR64 UINTPTR
199 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr DOTTYPE
77 SSA unimplemented: not lowered: SliceMake ARRAY PTR64 UINTPTR UINTPTR
67 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr STRUCTLIT
54 SSA unimplemented: unhandled addr CLOSUREVAR
50 SSA unimplemented: CONVNOP closure
27 SSA unimplemented: not lowered: Load ARRAY PTR64 mem
24 SSA unimplemented: local variable with class PPARAM,heap unimplemented
22 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr REAL
19 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr CFUNC
11 SSA unimplemented: unhandled expr IMAG
11 SSA unimplemented: not lowered: Load STRUCT UINTPTR mem

EFACE is out for review.
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