Awesome work Brad.
On 28 January 2015 at 11:40, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

Update on build.golang.org, if curious.

Most builders are now running in the new style, with the build coordinator
binary (status <>) launching a new VM per commit,
with the buildlet on each VM providing access to get/put files and execute
commands. The coordinator then uses the VMs' buildlets as puppets to
execute things. This is all prep for cmd/gomote (easy access to any
environment for Go developers), try bots (Gerrit bot telling you before you
break the build), test sharding (run all.bash over N machines), and
auto-submit-on-green. These things are all much easier when you have tons
of capacity, beyond single machines. Our current quota is 200 CPUs, but we
can increase it as needed.

New-style, in VMs with the buildlet:
-- Linux
-- OpenBSD 5.6, 32-bit and 64-bit
-- FreeBSD 10.1, 9.3, 32-bit and 64-bit
-- Plan9-386

-- rest of Linux (easy conversion)
-- nacl (just another Dockerfile to convert, like Linux)
-- Windows (partially done, and next up)
-- Android qemu (pending CL from jbd)

Old-style for now:
- linux-ppc64le
- OS X (but progress in https://golang.org/issue/9495 ... will require a
farm of Mac Minis or something)
- Dragonfly (no virtio-scsi for GCE)
- NetBSD (bsiegert volunteered)
- *-arm
- Plan9-amd64 (should be possible?)
- Solaris (?)
- Android
- darwin/arm

We have no plans to kill the old-style builders, but we do have plans to
make them better, turning them more into buildlets.
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