On 16 July 2014 09:39, Matthew Dempsky wrote:

Just throwing out another possibility since it doesn't seem to have been
discussed yet:

1. Declare that "internal" packages within $GOROOT are exempt from the Go
1 guarantee. No such packages currently exist, so this is backwards
compatible with the current guarantee.
2. Have "go vet" warn about code that uses "internal" packages that
resolve into $GOROOT.
3. Maybe have "go doc" hide "internal" packages by default (e.g., for
golang.org/pkg), and even when showing them put obvious warnings that the
packages aren't covered by the compat guarantee.

Upside would be it's still *possible* to write code making use of Go
internals when necessary, but end users shouldn't be surprised if their
code is broken by upstream changes. Though I can appreciate that's
probably a niche use case when weighed against the risk of users depending
on internals even after extensive warnings not to.
I'm pretty sure this has been covered already, but I don't blame you for
not having noticed (the thread is >150 posts deep at this point).

If people want to use those packages they can just fork them. That's an
extremely low barrier to entry, particular for people who are comfortable
grubbing around in the internals of the compiler etc.

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