On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:44:30 PM UTC-8, rsc wrote:
The person who wrote dwarf.c is unavailable.
not anymore!

I wrote dwarf.c using the DWARF 3 document, (going back to make it dwarf2
only later to make gdb6 on Mac OS X happy), and i recall that there was
some text that specifically allowed the opcode base to mask some of the
special opcodes. Since we don't use some of them and having a greater
range available gave more compact tables, i chose the lowest possible. But
i can totally believe that some tools disagree with me on the
interpretation of the standard, and i'm not sure who is wrong.

Does it start working better if you set opcode base to 10? If so I'm happy
to make that change.
the impact should be slightly larger pc/ln tables.


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