Running `dwarfdump` against a Go program (latest head) fails to output the .debug_line section:

   dwarfdump ERROR: dwarf_srclines: DW_DLE_LINE_NUM_OPERANDS_BAD (56)

This is because in cmd/ld/dwarf.c OPCODE_BASE is set to 5. dwarfdump expects opcode base to be at least 9, and errors out if it isn't. The dwarf 2 spec lists 9 standard opcodes (http://dwarfstd.org/doc/dwarf-2.0.0.pdf - Section Standard Opcodes).

This is my first time looking at DWARF data (for issue 7369). Why does Go use 5 here? Is it just that we're not using standard opcodes 5-9?

This is on Ubuntu 13.10, dwarfdump Apr 10 2012. objdump, by contrast, seems to handle an opcode base of 5 just fine.

Thanks in advance,


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