On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:13 AM, minux wrote:

I do want to watch and participate in development
like this (esp. that I'm more than interested in getting ARM part of NaCl
working) and I don't think a sudden big bunch of CLs coming in the early
stage of
Go 1.3 will help reviewers and potential contributors (in a sense, it's
not unlike
throwing a monolithic 100KB patch)

Equally troubles me is that, there seems to be some big improvements being

proposed for Go 1.3 toolchain, but nothing appears on the public mailing

The CLs you found are against code.google.com/r/rsc-go13nacl, not the main
repo. When Go 1.3 development begins, I will send out new CLs against the
main repo and will certainly incorporate suggestions and feedback as usual.
The side repo and side CLs allow a preliminary review so that I can use the
patches in the Go 1.2 play.golang.org, providing access to file system and
networking operations and package unsafe. That will make the playground a
bit nicer to use and will allow richer online examples. The clone repo and
CLs are public so that the eventual Go 1.3 CLs and discussion can refer to
them, but we're not ready for that yet.

Is there better way to make new feature development more public in code
freeze periods.
This is an important question. We don't know the answer, in large part
because this is the first iteration of the new release cycle. Once Go 1.2
is out and we have at least one full release cycle under our belts, I
expect there will be some discussion of what went well, what did not, what
we might change for Go 1.3. We're still learning.

One thing I intend to change for Go 1.3 is that I want to have a clearer
plan from the start about what our goals are. We basically let Go 1.2 just
happen. I'd like the effort in Go 1.3 to more directed to specific,
important goals. Once Go 1.2 is done, I intend to start a discussion on
this list about what those goals should be. I've been taking advantage of
the relative quiet recently to think about that question, and I encourage
you and anyone else to do the same. But let's leave discussion of the
possible answers until December 1.

We're very close to the end for Go 1.2. Let's keep the list focused on that.



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