On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:21 AM, David Symonds wrote:

Nothing has happened yet except writing those docs. As the message you
quoted said, nothing is being sent or Cc'd to golang-dev to avoid
distraction from the release. Rest assured that once Go 1.2 lands
everything will switch to being publicly discussed. None of it has any
relevance to Go 1.2, so it's a shame you have now publicised them
because nothing is going to happen until Go 1.2 is released and so it
Well, I apologize for publicized that.

Perhaps I should adjust my point: can we relax our policy to allow new
feature proposal/discussion (but no code reviews) in release preparation
period? Otherwise we don't have much to do at this stage and we all
know that new development will happen nevertheless.
will indeed only be a distraction.

Please pretend that you didn't see anything, and let's get back to
beating Go 1.2 into shape.
There doesn't seem to have a lot to do other than waiting for bug reports
and fixing them.

Now there are two bugs labeled Go1.2, and all of them have CLs being
actively reviewed.
Of the 16 bugs labeled Go1.2Maybe, one half of them are documentation bugs,
and IMHO the release broker bugs are issue 6681, 6655, 6630, 6292.


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