On 21/07/13 09:23, Dave Cheney wrote:
No worries, I'm delighted to have more people enthusiastic to work on arm.

In the past I wrote an enormous amount of ARM assembler (> 100k lines!)
for Acorn RISC OS and various embedded platforms. It is great to be
able to contribute to the ARM port as I've always enjoyed ARM assembler.

When I saw that Go didn't have an ARM version of MD5 I remembered that I
did one ages ago so I dug it out. In fact I ended up completely
re-writing it because I didn't know about the alternative form of MD5
then (with EORs instead of AND / OR).

I've half written a document to summarize the learning process for how
to write ARM code for Go. Is the go wiki is the right place for that?

Nick Craig-Wood <nick@craig-wood.com> -- http://www.craig-wood.com/nick


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