Hi. I'm seeking some help please on how best to construct an app for
multiple customers.
My app is up and running but I am using a url for one customer as a
constant (e.g FBURL + '/' + customer).
I have a crud service which initialises with a reference to the url. This
works well.. e.g.

app.factory('Item', function ($firebase, $firebaseArray, $firebaseObject, Ref, Auth) {

   var items = $firebaseArray(Ref.child('items'));

   var Item = {
     all: function () {
       return items;
     create: function (item) {
       return items.$add(item).then(function(ref) {
         return ref;
     getRec: function(itemId){
       return items.$getRecord(itemId);
     getObj: function(itemId){
       return $firebaseObject(Ref.child('items').child(itemId));
     update: function (item) {
       return item.$save().then(function(ref) {
         return ref;
     delete: function (item) {
       return items.$remove(item);

   return Item;


  The problem is how to adapt this for multiple customers. Ideally, this <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/firebase-talk/vGa0oX7NLZk> is the structure i favour, but how to set the url to the customer node as they startup.

I was also thinking about a separate firebase for each customer, but how to deploy single code base to multiple firebase (in automated fashion).

If any one can help please (with code examples)

Thank you. Sola

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