I'm pretty certain using the try{} was a mistake here, and yielding null
causing more trouble than it was worth (go figure).

Is my understanding correct that if I attempt to get a child($id) and it
doesn't exist, Firebase returns, essentially, an empty object ready to be
$save or three-way binded up?
On Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 11:43:46 AM UTC-6, Justin Martiniak wrote:

(Sorry if I double posted, ain't ever use google groups)

I've chosen to use Firebase as a simple means to handle authentication and
store my over-the-air data... but I'm running into an issue (occasionally).

I'm using angularFire, so whenever I access data I have the ability to get
a $firebaseObject, $firebaseArray or null.

The null part is what catches me off guard... None of the tutorials or
demos I see go through how to handle the null aspect of the request... they
just go ahead and bind the data to $scope or check if it's $loaded() all
things which wont work with null; and then this cascades into other issues
surfacing and potentially just white/empty views.

So how, or what, is the best way to access data from Firebase that might
not be there?
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