This is a 2-part queastion.
First, I'd like your input as to how you would design the data for these

    - A user can have multiple lists, every list belongs to just one user
    (user <-->>list)
    - A list has multiple listItems, and a listItem can belong to multiple
    lists (list <<-->>listItem)
    - A listItem has multiple listItemLogs, and each listItemLog belongs to
    just one listItem (listItem <-->>listItemLog)

Important note: I really doubt that listItemLog should be an object, as
it's just one piece of data - a timestamp as epoch.



listItems in list:



And second, while taking into consideration the data structure you offer,
how would you merge (in order to display using ngRepeat ) all listItems in
one list, with the logs of the past week (using moment.js to get the epoch
values for weeks start and end is trivial). Note that for performance
reasons, it's probably better to bind only one list's items, and only one
week's logs.

For example, if list "list1" has items "itemA" and "itemB", and itemA was
logged twice on that week, the list should show (in pseudo code) :


I hope the question is clear, and thanks in advance!
No problem using the latest versions (currently AngularFire is at 0.92)

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