Hi All,

I;m really pleased about this, I along with many others on this list
have been bombarding Amazon with emails for a while now and finally it's
paid off!

I can't criticise the app too much as it's early days and what we now have
is 100% better
than yesterday, however a colour theme for those with some vision and font
adjustment (unless I'm overlooking it)
would be good.

I'd also like to see better access to the Kindle like store rather than
just loading a web browser, perhaps they could
intergrate their own like the Nook seems to have done.

I've been receiving my daily newspaper on my hardeware Kindle Keyboard for
a couple
years now, so it's nice to have an alternative device to read on if I'm
travelling light.

So as well as parcels dropping through the mailbox, Amazon have delivered
us this
Christmas cracker too - well done!

I think it's perhaps important that some of us take the time to let them
know what
they've done right after all they done wrong, so I'll be dropping them a
line to thank them
I hope some will join me,

Kind regards,

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