Hi everyone,

We have just released TalkBack v3.4.0 Beta
the Eyes-Free Project downloads page.

This version of TalkBack is a beta release. Functionality is subject to
change. This version may contain bugs. Please provide feedback via the
Eyes-Free mailing list or by using the Eyes-Free issue
  If you need to return to a stable version, the most recent version
compatible with all devices is TalkBack

Direct link:

New in TalkBack v3.4.0 Beta 1:

    - Earcons and TTS pitch changes to indicate text formatting
    - Automatic scrolling of lists during linear navigation
    - Spells text replacements after speaking them
    - Moved granularity selection to the local context menu
    - Gestures previously used for cycling reading granularity can be used
    to jump to the first or last item on screen
    - Collapsed speech from some repeated characters
    - Added option under "Developer settings" for determining how TalkBack
    should resume from suspend
    - Stability improvements to the explore by touch tutorial
    - Bug fixes

Thanks for beta testing the latest release of TalkBack!

Austin Davis | Software Engineering Intern | Google | awdavis@google.com

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