On 7/02/2014 10:51am, Simon Riggs wrote:
On 7 February 2014 00:31, Mike Dewhirst wrote:
On 7/02/2014 10:07am, Lachlan Musicman wrote:


What are people's recommendations for postgres db backup solutions?

I've just installed django-dbbackup and will give it a try, but
thought I'd ask what others were using.

Daily dump to a file which is backed up across the network.


I'm planning to do something clever with the transaction log continuously
writing it to another machine but I haven't done that yet.

One day real soon now.
Today is good. Streaming replication does exactly that.

You are absolutely right and it is one of the primary reasons I chose

Streaming replication is in my project's future not only for backup but
also for read-only output from replication machines. We are not that far
advanced yet.

Earlier instead of "I haven't done that yet" I should have said "I
havn't hired a professional DBA yet" ;)

Thanks Simon



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