My current approach accords with Mikera's suggestion, and using a single
package allows me to easily leverage other components (management, database
etc). I have an open mind on the future use of isolated scripts (in python
or whatever), but at the moment I am enjoying the simplicity of developing
and deploying one artifact.
On Saturday, January 25, 2014 3:58:03 PM UTC+11, Jarrod Swart wrote:

I have a general question about application architecture as it relates to
deploying to the server.

Most of my previous development work involved python/php/ruby so we
typically had:

1. One massive framework / application complection nightmare
2. Background scripts run by crons

At present I am working on an application for a client, and I am trying to
weasel in Clojure where I can. I will likely have to make the Clojure
aspects a black box.

If I were doing this in another language I would simply write the smaller
pieces of functionality as python scripts, plop them on the server and then
set the crons.

How do I do this with Clojure? If I package each micro-app as an uberjar
that is a lot of JVM, likely eating at the resources of the poor (see:
crappy) VPSs this project will likely run on.


How do you structure web Clojure apps beyond: put the whole thing in a
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