Hey Gary,

Thanks for the references. Those videos were awesome!

I think Cristophe definitely hit the nail on the head with this slide<http://www.slideshare.net/cgrand/dsl-5537797/21> about
the challenges of binding. Though, I'm not sure I fully get what he meant
by "binding specs" and "capturing specs". Do you happen to know of any more
resources on that topic?

I took another attempt <https://gist.github.com/bellkev/7653342> at my
"deftemplate" syntax with a gradual progression from
data->functions->macros as discussed by Cristophe. This approach left me
with something similar to one of my earlier samples that copied leiningen's
"defproject" syntax very heavily.

The only issue I have with this new syntax it seems overly
data-like/keyword-heavy. For example this section:

:my-second-condition [:cfn=
                        [:cfn-inmap :my-mapping :first-level-key-one :second-level-key-two]
                        [:cfn-ref :my-parameter]]

Could be replaced by this:

my-second-condition (cfn= (cfn-inmap my-mapping :first-level-key-one :second-level-key-two)
                                (cfn-ref my-parameter))

Which I feel is much more readable, with the cfn-whatever functions simply returning specially-formatted string maps. Except, my-mapping and my-parameter aren't defined as vars in the data-structure-like syntax, so I would have to do some of that funky symbol-grabbing/walking in a macro that people seem to be cautioning against...

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