On 16/11/13 22:06, James Reeves wrote:
I can see overload-middleware being useful in an internal network,
where clients are submitting jobs to a central server. The clients can
be programmed to wait a random length of time before retrying if the
server is overloaded. I suspect that a better solution might be to use
a queue, but it really depends on the requirements of the system being
Yes, this is the context in which I learnt about this approach to
overload handling - one of the projects I work on is basically a simple
HTTP interface to a more complicated protocol server (DIAMETER), with
some database caching. It provides subscriber data to a VoIP server, so
there's no direct user access to it - the "user interface" is a phone
(or Skype-like program).

Queues are also a good solution in some cases, and we use them elsewhere
- but you do need to tune your queue length to get the performance you
want. The principle here is that you provide a target latency, and your
"queue length" (actually the refill speed of your token bucket) gets
automatically tuned to meet it.

(I probably caused some confusion initially by saying "web apps" - I
should have said "HTTP services" which is what I actually had in mind.)


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