Hi everyone,
I had a function that reads the contents of a file (in this case, it
represents a license) and then verifies the contents.

As I started to expand the code for verifying, it made sense to break the
function up into a function for file parsing and a function for
verification. The following is the function that I created to return the
contents of the file parsing:

(defn- lic-file-msg-sigs
   "return a vector containing the original license string/message and a seq
of each signature line generated. the input is the string of the entire
license file"
   (let [result (promise)]
     (with-open [rdr (BufferedReader. (StringReader. lic-file-str))]
       (let [lines (line-seq rdr)
             line-sandwich-middle-fn (fn [lines line-before line-after]
                                          (->> lines
                                               (drop-while #(not (re-find
(re-pattern line-before) %)))
                                               (take-while #(not (re-find
(re-pattern line-after) %)))))
             msg-lines (line-sandwich-middle-fn lines LICENSE-BEGIN
             sig-strs (line-sandwich-middle-fn lines SIGNATURE-BEGIN
             msg (clojure.string/join \newline msg-lines)]
         (str msg sig-strs) ;; need to realize the values to force file
         ;; parsing before file is closed. couldn't figure out how to
         ;; force realization except for the str function
         (deliver result [msg sig-strs])))

My question is related to the comments towards the end -- is there a better
way to force the realization of the contents of the line-seq before I
deliver it?

(If there is a better way to write this code, let me know.... In case you
are wondering, I wanted to use line-seq for parsing the file so that I get
the contents of the lines in between special sentinel lines. line-seq
requires a reader, and readers are best used with with-open. But with-open
closes the reader object at the end of its scope, so any code using the
contents of the reader need to be realized before the reader is closed. In
order to return the contents outside of the with-open form, I used a
promise & deliver.)


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